Friday, January 22, 2016

A Love Letter to People Who Are Going through A Difficult Time in Their Life.

Hello, I’m Aditya.
You may not know me. Even more, this is the first time we have ever talked, I suppose. Nonetheless, these facts are not that important.

To whom it may concern, I know you are going through a lot of problems in your life.
Maybe, it is your abusive, ignorant partner. Maybe, it is a family matter you choose to keep to yourself. Or maybe, there are several things that make you not confident enough to face the world.

Dejected, depressed—you believe you are not good enough for people you love.
Saddened—you think that you will endure all this pain by yourself.
I feel you. I’ve been going through the phase myself and in fact, I quite understand how you feel.

But I assure you. You are not inferior.
You are attractive enough. You are amazing. You have the capability to go further and change the world.

And you are not alone.
We are here, we will not leave you. ‘We’ could be anything; the bestfriends who always look for you everyday, your loving parents who will listen to your problems, your lover who always has a way to make you laugh, strangers in the street who will smile to you, toys and games that will make you forget of your sadness, books and a cup of a coffee if you are in the mood for a tranquility.

Whenever you are feeling down, whenever you are crying, remember there will always be a moment of happiness later. Still, have you already encountered it? The laughter, the cries of joy, the freedom—these great memories of your life make you want to jump and fly, no?

And let me tell you.
Those moments, those memories, are real.

Hang in there.
I believe in you.
I love you.