Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday, Aditya Adinata.

Jangan jadi tua dan membosankan.
..Dan jangan lupa traktirannya.

Sincerely, yourself.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Djogdjakarta, 6th November 2010.

Hello ossum possums.
I wish you're.. i mean, we're all good.

First, I'd say this is not a diary (i'm not that feminine) nor a letter to Mr. President.
It's note about Merapi, about Jogja, about disaster happened, about all things inside.

Well.. As the TV said, Merapi did erupt. Bigger than 2006, or I could say the biggest eruption since the first.
It started from 18.00, 25th October 2010 till now. Merapi did the explosion, and.. "DHUAR", Wedhus gembel, lava, and ashes comes from the peak. Now, Jogja turns all gray.

Me? ..I am fine, Jogja is not.

It's chaos. You know.. it feels like you live in a dead city with zombies around, or you were in one of Silent Hill movie's scene, or  you live in 2012. I know, hyperbole.

Back to the point. To you all who want to help Jogja, please visit
or donate to
BCA : 0373017733 a.n. Ratri Kusuma Wardani
CIMB NIAGA : 287010031538 a.n. Ratri Kusuma Wardani

I #prayforindonesia #rondedua
How about you?

Sincerely, Doutsch.