Monday, December 6, 2010

Hidup itu bagai roda; kadang di bawah, kadang di atas, tapi yang pasti selalu cium aspal.

Another good thought to carry. Right..

Passion; [count noun] a thing arousing great enthusiasm.


  • [mass noun] strong and barely controllable emotion:a man of impetuous passion
  • [in singular] a state or outburst of strong emotion:oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion
  • [count noun] a thing arousing great enthusiasm: modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill's

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday, Aditya Adinata.

Jangan jadi tua dan membosankan.
..Dan jangan lupa traktirannya.

Sincerely, yourself.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Djogdjakarta, 6th November 2010.

Hello ossum possums.
I wish you're.. i mean, we're all good.

First, I'd say this is not a diary (i'm not that feminine) nor a letter to Mr. President.
It's note about Merapi, about Jogja, about disaster happened, about all things inside.

Well.. As the TV said, Merapi did erupt. Bigger than 2006, or I could say the biggest eruption since the first.
It started from 18.00, 25th October 2010 till now. Merapi did the explosion, and.. "DHUAR", Wedhus gembel, lava, and ashes comes from the peak. Now, Jogja turns all gray.

Me? ..I am fine, Jogja is not.

It's chaos. You know.. it feels like you live in a dead city with zombies around, or you were in one of Silent Hill movie's scene, or  you live in 2012. I know, hyperbole.

Back to the point. To you all who want to help Jogja, please visit
or donate to
BCA : 0373017733 a.n. Ratri Kusuma Wardani
CIMB NIAGA : 287010031538 a.n. Ratri Kusuma Wardani

I #prayforindonesia #rondedua
How about you?

Sincerely, Doutsch.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


@joejonas: #prayforindonesia so sad.
@TomCruise: Our hearts go out to the people of Merapi & Jakarta Indonesia #prayforindonesia
@justinbieber: just found out about the earthquake in Indonesia. everyone please pray for the people there. #prayforindonesia
@yelyahwilliams: Just woke up to the news about the disasters in Indonesia. Praying hard for all of you today. Keeping you in my thoughts. #GodBlessIndonesia
@ddlovato: Indonesia just hit by eartquakes, tsunami, flood and mount eruption #prayforindonesia
@nicolerichie: RT @JoelMadden: Indonesia I love you be strong #prayforindonesia
@benjaminmadden: #GCFAM y’all #prayforindonesia our thoughts r with u guys
@KimKardashian: My heart goes out to all those affected by the quake and the volcano eruption in Indonesia #prayforindonesia

How about you?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Understanding Understandings.

if you’re too busy with your things,
i’ll understand.
if you don’t have time for us,
i’ll understand.
if you’re full with your past,
i’ll understand.
but if one day i stop loving you,
it’s your turn to understand.


Friday, October 22, 2010


1. Make you smile when you are down
2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice
3. Stick up to you, but still respect your independence
4. Give you the remote control everytime we watch tv
5. Come up behind you and put my arms around you
6. Play with your hair
7. My hand will always find your hand
8. Be cute when i really want something
9. Offer you plenty of massages
10. Dance with you, even if i feel like a dork
11. Never run out of love
12. Be funny, but know when to be serious
13. Realize im being funny when i need to be serious
14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready
15. React so cutely when you hit me, though it actually hurts
16. Smile a lot
17. Plan a romantic date full of things i wouldnt normally do because i know it means a lot to you
18. Appreciate you
19. Help others out
20. Drive for hours just to see you
21. Always give you a kiss when you leave, even when my friends are watching
22. Sing even if i cant
23. Always try to make you laugh
24. Stare at you
25. Call for no reason

Bonus. I'll love you like tomorrow is a doomsday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Greetings from Mars.

Yo, what's up doofus?
It's me again.
So prepare ur popcorn & ur glasses before reading this. (and close ur porn tape you watch now)

How are things going on ur side? Mine is pretty bad.. 3,14 out of 10. Things are getting complicated, it's like: (1). people keep talking shit about you & think that you're a real jerk, (2). some of your friends are the "people", (3). your girl believes on all their shits.

Girl? Yeah.. I'm a single boy who just found himself falling to a single girl. No, she's not mine. She's good and I know we're pretty darn awesome to drive away together.

I'm a Scorpio who falls to a Taurus.

I simply love her.

Right.. while i got into her, i found myself being messed up by people.. and by her itself. You know.. it feels like you run for a running train, untouchable.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm anonymous, I'm no jerk.
I live in a low place, waiting someone to come and pick me up to the eternity and beyond.
I'm short-tempered, hated by many, loved by some, envied by most, and wanted by plenty.
I love to stand between polarity A and polarity B, you know.. like talking with a lil doofus and you find yourself being sarcastic and awesome at the same time.

Turn a page, I'm a book, half-unread.

Oops.. too much talking. Let's jump into the point.

So, how are things with you guys?
Hopefully you're in good mood, so I could get a ride to your hometown and have good cup-a-cinnos with u all.

Cheers, Doutsch.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AWESOME THINGS #99: Getting to McDonald’s right when they’re switching from breakfast to lunch

You weren’t sure if you were gonna score that cheese-drippy sandwich or crispy hashbrown soaking through the paper sleeve. But you ran in the door and then barely scored a hot and steamy breakfast before the menus flipped, the lights started flashing, and hot burgers started rolling off the line.

Now you can kill your early morning munchies a few different ways. Yes, grab that greasy breakfast before the buzzer, snag a fresh lunch after the flip, or go half-and-half with an Egg McMuffin with fries stuffed in it or a Big Mac with a hashbrown patty in place of the middle bun.

You’re a fast-food superstar.


AWESOME THINGS #58: Celebrating your pet’s birthday even though they have no idea what’s going on.

All they know is everybody’s snapping photos of them in a party hat and there’s a slice of cake in the food dish.


AWESOME THINGS #68: The moment on vacation when you forget what day of the week it is.

Imagine you’d be in Universal Studio of Singapore with your classmates.
Take a picture with one of your fellas & the mascot Beetlejuice.
And chill around to get some attention from Spore girls.

You’re gonna be a kickass Indonesia boy.


AWESOME THINGS #7: Driving around with the windows down on late summer nights

Kids cruise on wobbly bikes, toddlers race on tipsy trikes, and you drift deep into the hot summer night. Swerve and curve on windy roads as darkness slowly falls and stars pop out to reveal a twinkly twilight glow. As you hit the gas and drop your windows the warm beating rush of summer air makes you smile and makes everything else in the world just fade away… fade away… fade away fade away… fade away... 


AWESOME THINGS #77: Hearing a song that reminds you of someone you love

The song starts up.

Suddenly your brain flashes back to late nights lying on the faded corduroy couch with your first girlfriend. Scratchy records spin in the background, the TV flickers on mute, and you cuddle under thin blankets while everyone sleeps upstairs. The chorus builds up as you kiss her in the shadows by the ping pong table…

The song starts up.
And sends you way back.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is something that I wanna write & sing about, dear deer.. or whtvr.


Menatap sang mentari
Yang tak akan kembali
Seperti kita yang terus mencari
Definisi cinta dan jati diri

Kutahu keraguan di ujung lidahmu
Tak perlu pena untuk jelaskan semuanya
Tak perlu ada sebuah rahasia dalam cerita

Aku akan menunggu di ujung jalan
Secangkir cappuccino dan canda tawa siap menemani
Hingga pagi menjelang dan bintang bersinar lagi
Lalu cobalah tengok ke arah lain
Adakah yang lebih baik?

Ini bukan sinetron penuh tangis
Bukan malam minggu yang berakhir tragis
Jadi lupakan beban sejenak dan melangkahlah maju

Dan saat dunia berpaling darimu
Di situ bahuku siap tuk jadi pelampiasanmu
Aku akan menunggu di ujung jalan
Secangkir cappuccino dan canda tawa siap menemani
Hingga pagi menjelang dan bintang bersinar lagi
Lalu cobalah tengok ke arah lain
Adakah yang lebih baik?

Dan saat dunia berpaling darimu
Di situ bahuku siap tuk jadi pelampiasanmu

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st, 2010.

Dear September,

Hello Sep, not Asep. You know.. nothing special on our first meeting. Kinda empty.
I meet tragedy and you meet me facing the drama like hell, like Spiderman facing Baygon. (sadly, he lost..)
I wish you'd be nice until September 30th, 2010. And YOU too, dear lovE.

Sincerely, Anonymous A.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Dari @indonesia65:
1. Indonesia adalah negara berpenduduk terbesar keempat di dunia dan negara yang berpenduduk Muslim terbesar di dunia #indonesia65
2. Nama resmi Indonesia adalah Republik Indonesia. Ibukota Indonesia saat ini adalah Jakarta. #indonesia65
3. Orang-orang yang tinggal di Indonesia terdiri atas ratusan suku atau etnis #indonesia65
4. Menurut data sampai awal tahun 2004, di Indonesia ada 32 propinsi #indonesia65
5. Bendera negara Indonesia trdiri atas 2warna merah & putih. Merah melambangkan kbranian & putih mlmbngkan kesucian #indonesia65

Dari @AdotAdinata:
1. Indonesia adalah satu-satunya negara yg memiliki Jojo dan Sinta #indonesia65
2. Keong racun adalah spesies paling berbahaya di Indonesia. Bisa bikin orang joget. #indonesia65
3. #indonesia65 udah jadi TT di Twitter. #indonesia65
4. Di saat Amerika punya Superman, kita punya Suparman. #indonesia65
5. Softex bukan makanan yg berbahaya di Indonesia. #indonesia65

Intinya.. HAPPY 65TH BIRTHDAY INDONESIA!! #indonesia65 #indonesia65 #indonesia65 #indonesia65 #indonesia65

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teratai merah, kebanggaanku.

Hello Bloggey, long time no see. It's fine, rite? Hahaha sorry gue jarang buka blog. Kesibukan SMA bikin gue jadi begini.

Ah ngomong-ngomong soal SMA, sekarang gue resmi jadi murid Padmanaba angkatan ke-68. Sebuah kebanggan sendiri gue bisa diterima di sekolah terfavorit di DIY, yg 90% muridnya diterima di UGM. Wow, damn cool..

Temen-temennya juga seru. Ada yg cupu tapi kepribadiannya gak cupu, ada yg jelek tapi hatinya gak jelek, & yg cukup bikin kaget, ada yg jualan KFC di rumahnya. Bingung juga, kenapa dia gak jualan di sekolah dan terus didiskon 100%? Dunia ini emang penuh misteri..

Dan gue sendiri, di Padmanaba, tetep ribut & mengalay. Plusnya, gue lebih bijaksana. Gue sempet jadi salah satu orang yg nyetir angkatan 68. Dan sekarang, gue lagi daftar CKO (Calon Ketua OSIS) & berharap semoga masuk 5 besar. Jangan kaget, karena gue sendiri kaget pas gue sadar ternyata gue daftar CKO.
Tambahannya, gue lagi berjuang keras buat bisa "survive" baik di pelajaran & organisasi. Life is hard, yeah.

Above all....


Well, it's a short story of mine. I'll keep updating this bloggey.
Regards, Adot Adinata.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A complex movie. Or I can say.. "A Story to Remember"

Life is a half-movie. Unfinished storyline, unpredictable plot, &; uncountable actor.
But I'm sure I'll make a happy ending.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, what's next?

Random quickie updates:

1. Gue libur sebulan full, dan ditambah first week of July. Gue udah bikin daftar kegiatan apa aja yg bakal gue lakuin.

Yg pertama: belajar nyupir mobil. Gue emang udah bisa automatic tapi kalo manual gak bisa, rasanya kaya kucing gak punya ekor, atau lumba-lumba gak punya sirip, atau singa yg tobat lalu herbivora, atau.. whatever.

Yg kedua: merombak kamar. Jujur, sebelum ini kamar gue warnanya pink. Ya, pink. Alesan yg paling masuk akal pas dulu (kelas 4 SD) gue menerima kamar ini adalah.. pasti gue buta warna. Bokap yg milihin warna (yg katanya merah) ini, katanya kamar ini buat nyokap terus baru buat gue. Dan setelah bertahun-tahun, karena usul gue sendiri, kamar ini akhirnya jadi warna biru. Tinggal gue kasih beberapa lukisan & aksesoris dan finally.. jadilah kamar gue. Thank God.

Yg ketiga: mengatur hidup gue sendiri. Yep, mengatur hidup gue sendiri. Selama liburan ini, perut gue tambah buncit, makanan gak teratur, & tukang ngemil. Dan tiap ngaca, gue pasti melihat bola pingpong raksasa yg pengen dismash. Dan mulailah minggu kedua ini gue jadi rajin tidur cepet, bangun pagi, langsung jogging pagi.

2. Band gue, Stay Cool bakal manggung di pensi SMP 6 Yogyakarta. Bukan guest star ataupun band pengiring, gak masalah. So kalo sempet dateng ya nanti Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010 sekitar jam 12 siang-5 sore.

Here it goes. Regards, Adot.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life Exams, Broken Heart, & Cappuccinos.

Suatu siang, Jogja panas banget kaya hidup di dalem oven, dan gue sendirian di rumah. Bengong, gak ada kerjaan & suasana pas itu emang sepi banget. Saking bosennya, gue pengen banget skip that day. Nyampe kamar, udah siap-siap tidur, gue tiba-tiba keinget sebuah kata-kata, yg dulu enak didengar. Iya, dulu.

"Gue kangen banget sama lo, kapan-kapan main lagi ya ke rumah hehe"

Dan saat itu, gue pengen banget telpon, pengen ngomong gue juga kangen. Tapi sekarang, kayanya bakal susah buat direalisasikan. Iya, sekarang.

A few minutes later, gue jadi kepikiran sama yg namanya kehidupan. (I know, tua belum pada waktunya. Tapi keadaan sepi & absurd emang bisa bikin otak cepet tua)
Menurut gue, kita hidup di dunia itu kaya belajar, belajar jadi lebih dewasa dan juga tentang moral, persahabatan, & cinta. Dan pasti di setiap akhir pelajaran, kita pasti dikasih ujian.

Life exams, sebutan gue buat ujian di kehidupan.

Mirip sama di yg di sekolah, kita dikasih soal terus kita jawab, beberapa minggu kemudian hasilnya keluar, dan nentuin kita naik kelas atau enggak. Bedanya, life exams diberikan dadakan, hasilnya bisa langsung keluar hari itu juga, dan gak ada LKS tertulis, gak ada pertanyaan tertulis. Semuanya pure tentang hidup. Persamaannya, kalo kita gagal, kita gak bakal bisa ngulang waktu & cuman bisa menyesal.

Gue yakin semua orang yg baca post gue ini pernah ngerjain life exams, atau bahasa kasarnya cobaan hidup. Pasti beda-beda, ada yg punya masalah sama temennya, sama keluarganya, ribut sama pacarnya, atau mungkin keuangan yg mendadak tipis gara-gara babi ngepet berkeliaran. Tapi, gue juga yakin kalo semuanya pasti punya rumus/solusi buat ngerjain itu & finally it's passed. Dengan begitu, kita udah selangkah lebih maju, lebih dewasa.

Saat ini, gue merasa lagi ngerjain life exams, bab-nya tentang broken heart, lebih tepatnya tentang "Bagaimana cara anda move on ketika anda telah diberi kepercayaan tetapi dia meninggalkan anda begitu saja?"

Entah kenapa gue cuman bisa diem. Lembar jawab di LKS juga rasanya masih kosong. Dan gatau kenapa, kok gue bisa stuck banget sih sama cewe ini?

Hari-hari abis "down" gue lewatin dengan galau, tweets yg absurd, & bercanda yg berlebihan. Kopi yg biasa gue minum tiap malem pun udah gak berasa lagi. Berasa hidup jadi gembel.

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” - Charlie Brown

Gue ngeliat jam udah nunjukin jam 2.30. Berarti gue udah bengong 30 menit. Dan gue tetep belum nemuin jawaban buat life exam kali ini. Gue berpikir, mungkin emang belum saatnya gue nemuin jawabannya. Masih ada banyak life exams yg perlu gue jawab, masih ada banyak hal yg perlu gue pelajari, dan gak cuman "ini" doang yg perlu gue cari tau jawabannya.
Gue yakin, tanpa perlu banyak bicara, tanpa perlu jawaban, I can pass this exam.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And.. Hello June!

And so, today is June, 1st 2010.

And May has gone, month I loved & hate at the same time, bye bye.

And June, be nice, I know I love you.

And #Junewish: Semuanya baik, tidak ada kisah patah hati lagi. Dan gue bisa melakukan yg dulu gue belum bisa. Amin.

And I must sleep, and.. bye.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Save the best for last" -- my Dad

Another nite to spend by smiling at the end.
"Save the best for last." like my Dad always says.


Well, good nite everyone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's the best part of being a broken-hearted guy?

What's the best part of being a broken-hearted guy?

Menjelang kenaikan kelas 9, temen gue main ke rumah. Ngobrol sana-sini, sharing cerita-cerita dari kelas 7 sampe sekarang, curcol (curhat colongan), dan curpat (curi sepatu. okeh gue tau, ini maksa).

Dan setelah ngobrol panjang, dia nanya 'Dit, enaknya jadi jomblo tu apa sih?
'Apa ya.. Duit lo gak bakal nipis deh' gue jawab sekenanya.
'Hahaha maksud gue, apa gak ada tekanan batin ya. Biasanya jomblo kan disindir-sindir, Dit" bales dia sambil minum kopi.
'Yeah it's true, for some people, but not for me' kata gue sok keren membela diri. Walau aslinya gak tahan lama-lama jomblo, takut dikira gay.

Sambil mukul pundak gue dia ngomong, 'Emang kepala badak lo Dit hahaha. Tapi emang orang jomblo sih ga masalah, yg kasian tuh yg baru aja jomblo'
'Maksud lo? Yg baru putus? Atau yg baru kehilangan gebetan' tanya gue sambil bales mukul pundaknya, pake linggis.
'Yoi deh, you know, broken-hearted guys. How pity they are, lo tau kan cowo yg bener-bener serius tapi gara-gara cewenya.. jadi gagal maning, kan?' cerocosnya gak karuan.
'Iya gue tau, tapi cowo kadang-kadang juga ada yg gak bener kan? potong gue secepatnya, reflek


'Dit, gue ada pertanyaan nih.' bales dia
Berharap dapet Toyota Terios kalo jawabnya bener gue langsung semangat, 'Apaan?'
'What's the best part of being a broken-hearted guy?' tanya dia.
Gue diem, bingung mau jawab apa. 'Uhhh.. Being single again?'
Dia ketawa, ngakak keras-keras. Pengen gue sumpelin pake kopi panas 5 liter, tapi niat itu gue urungkan. Terus dia ngomong, 'Santai aja, gue juga ga tau jawabannya, maksudnya belum tau. Nanti kita juga bakal tau jawabannya kok Dit, tapi di waktu yg berbeda'

Gue masih diem, agak horor juga nada dia ngomong daritadi. Abis itu gue dan dia ngobrol-ngobrol bentar, dia pamit pulang dan gue balik ke kamar.

Dan malemnya gue gak bisa tidur, kepikiran kata-katanya.
What's the best part of being a broken-hearted guy?
Gue pernah disakitin, diputusin, diinjak-injak, dilindes bulldozer, dan dibentuk menjadi sedemikian rupa, tapi gue belum pernah sadar, apa sih momen terbagus saat patah hati. Adanya ya momen-momen terburuk, misal: desperate padahal masih sayang, ngeliat mantan jalan sama pasangan baru, atau yg paling parah, ngeliat mantan jadi lagi padahal baru putus 1 minggu (ini bener terjadi, dan memakan korban: gue).

Atau mungkin, kita gak pernah berpikir normal saat patah hati. Makan aja jarang, gimana yg di pikiran sama di hati? Kayanya ya, orang-orang cuman ngeliat dari 1 sisi, dari sisi buruk, yg bener-bener blank & unpredictable kalo dirasa. Wajar kalo orang-orang yg ngasih kita semangat pas down kadang gak ngerti kita mau apa dan kondisi sebenernya. Well nonsense, but it's the truth.
Ini pertanyaan yg gak bakal bisa dipecahin Einstein dengan E=mc2-nya, ini pertanyaan yg gak bakal bisa dipecahin dengan bertapa di Gunung Merapi 40 hari 40 malem, tapi ini pertanyaan yg jawabannya ada di kita sendiri, perlu digali di dasar hati kita, di dalem kesedihan kita saat putus/falling apart.

What's the best part of being a broken-hearted guy?
Dan setelah berbulan-bulan sampe mau masuk SMA, jawaban gue masih sama, being single again.
But I must be ready when being in a relationship again, I must be ready for being the broken hearted guy, again.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

@farichakrd Birthday Bash on Sunday, 23th May 2010

The birthday girl, Faricha Kurniadini. Or maybe Miss @l4yzZz of the month.
alay is prohibited
Say hello to Bo-Bo-Ho
Another Bo-Bo-Ho.. Hello
 Bo-Bo-Girl. Lol yeah.
And the happiest couple

Faricha Kurniadini's Birthday Bash
Location: Lombok Idjo, Jln. Solo, Yogyakarta
Taken by: Aditya Adinata, Faricha Kurniadini, Taufan Adi Putra (using a digital camera)
Comments: Seru, one of the unforgetable days. Posene yo gayeng-gayeng, marake ngakak (posenya juga mantap, bikin ngakak)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How I Met Mr. Cappuccino

2 minggu terakhir ini gue lagi berteman sama Mr. Cappuccino.

Tidur malem, nge-game, dan jadi pengangguran membuat gue membutuhkan teman malem, a shoulder to lend on. And this Mr. Cappuccino thingy is not an ordinary one, he's handsome. I mean, he has a unique face and I'm his creator. Gue lebih nyaman pas begadang terus ketemu dia, ada yg nemenin malem-malem, terutama pas garap pre-event-event di sekolah dan bikin lagu.

Cappuccino in a middle of night, it really sounds good. And so here is Mr. Cappuccino..

Ah btw it's 00.00, better drink it..

Oops.. bye Mr. Cappuccino

Got this from Mr. Raharja, things to believe. Check this out!

10 hal yang disukai cowok dari cewek

1. wangi parfum, conditioner, deodorant, what else? lol.
hanya sebagian kecil cowok yang menggunakan parfum cewek, kenapa? karena mereka menginginkan untuk mengingatmu lewat bau.

2. your laugh
jangan tutup mulutmu saat cekikikan, cowok sangat suka melihat itu karena itu mengajarkan mereka bahwa kamu tahu bagaimana cara untuk bersenang-senang.

3. your flavoured lipgloss
4 dari 5 cowok mengatakan bahwa itu membuat ciuman menjadi lebih indah, selama anda tidak menggunakannya tipis-tipis. :p

4. bagaimana mereka mencintai benda-benda kecil
cowok pada umumnya memperhatikan benda-benda yang bisa membuat mereka mengingat tentang anda, gunakan beberapa kali. saat mereka menyadari suatu saat anda tidak menggunakannya berarti dia benar-benar menyukai anda.

5. saat pipi anda memerah
di situlah cowok akan berpikir, "lucu sekali dia.."

6. kemampuan anda untuk menyembunyikan sesuatu
saat seseorang cowok berbohong dalam menceritakan sesuatu yang anda sudah tahu, lebih baik diam karena pada umumnya cowok hanya menceritakan yang baik-baik. *true

7. saat anda tidak takut untuk menangis
karena cowok dengan senang hati akan meminjamkan pundaknya.

8. kecintaan anda terhadap HP (dapat membunuh anda)
cowok tidak suka saat cewek melakukan dua hal seperti telponan bersama teman gossip + IM-ing dengan cowok tersebut. boys hate that.

9. the way you dance
yeah, anda tidak perlu menjadi Pussy Cat Dolls ato apapun itu. boys just love it when you shake your booty :p

10. saat nama anda pop up di IM
boys will be so happy. menunggu disapa / menyapa duluan? you go guess. :)

taken from

Friday, May 21, 2010

DONT's. No, I don't.

I DON'T smoke.
I DON'T lie, except in a need.
I DON'T do clubbing, and ajojing, and jogging
I DON'T steal, but maybe I steal your heart.
I DON'T make a terrible noise, farts do it.
I DON'T do petting, I mean memelihara hewan
I DON'T laugh whenever your jokes funny. I envy.
I DON'T copycat someone. It sucks, I don't wanna copycat Tukul btw.
I DON'T  wanna hear bad news.
I DON'T understand Japanese language. #thetruth
I DON'T ever heat someone up. I hate problems
I DON'T see lies on you #anjinggombal.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"... I need some fine wine, and you, you need to be nicer." -- The Cardigans

Jack Daniels, not a wine.
But it's okay, because I love us being drunk. 
It's stupid, and I could love you more and more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

DOs. Yes, I do.

I DO go home at midnight, but I like it at dawn.
I DO joke with girls, sometimes bad joke
I DO ketawa, termasuk ketawa pake teriak-teriak
I DO dream, not dreaming a wet one
I DO love my parents. <3
I DO stalk everyone, and now I stalk you too
I DO mengeluh. Nobody's perfect
I DO study, theory of life. I love it
I DO talk to strangers, polite ones
I DO ngeliatin gedung-gedung tinggi. It's 2010.
I DO play guitar, and keyboard, and drum, not your heart
I DO buy t-shirts, with friends or girlfriend (without 's')
I DO listen to music. Owl City, not Kangen Band
I DO nonton video-video. Porn one? Mostly.... #oops.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bye Singapore, Welcome Padmanaba.

I just got back from Singapore. This 3-days-trip was fun, and I learned about the famous quote there, I mean, "10$ for 3 items". Wherever you go, you will find this fucking-annoying-quote, damn.. And why I hate it the most? Because I bought 3 key chains for 10$ in a store, then I went to China Town to buy another souvenir. And guess what? I found the same shape, same color, but it costs 5$ for 3 items. Yes, it does suck.

But I enjoyed the trip so much, and the peak is when I got an info that I'm accepted in SMA N 3 Yogyakarta. Alhamdulillah, yeah alhamdulillah.. 39.55 makes me dying with a smile. Thank you everyone, thank you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Packing Packing Packing Packing!

Hello again,
Today is 4th May 2010 and for your info I'm gonna take a flight to Singapore tomorrow. Bukan karena gue mau kabur gara-gara terkait makelar kasus pajak (ups) tapi ada study banding ke Bartley Secondary School yg ada di sana (info: sekolah Bakle ini udah dateng ke sekolah gue 2x dan sebagai gantinya kita diundang ke sana)

Barang-barang udah di-pack, pengarahan udah gue catet & pelajari, kebo udah disembelih buat hoki dan kelancaran (siapa tau ada cewe Spore yg cakep dan berdompet tebel yg mau sama gue).

And these are some views I wanna see there,

Okay that's all.
Note: It's packing, not fucking.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cloudy Afternoon

Sleeping here. And cloud finds me. No light enters. Oh, I miss you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dork? Yeah.

Sometimes, I just don't care what I wear

Friday, April 9, 2010


The Goat - Capricorn explained.
December 22 to January 20

Capricorn Traits

Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

On the dark side....

Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging

I'm Scorpion. I'm not Capricorn. But I fall in love with one of Capricorn.

Friday, April 2, 2010

UAN is over! *teng teng teng*

Hello everyone, I have good news, a very good one. UAN has been over & I'm free to do anything. Yak termasuk pacaran hahahaha Lol.

Dan semoga saja, perjuangan gue selama ini gak akan gagal, terus berbuah manis. Pengorbanan gue, temen-temen, & angkatan 10 lainnya pasti berbuah manis.
Maka dari itu, gue minta doa kalian supaya kami bisa lulus semua, mendapat nilai yg memuaskan, & bisa masuk ke SMA favorit yg diinginkan. Amin.

*inget ada pahala nih kalo mengamini*

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Trip w/ Stay Cool, this day.

Our guitarist, he got the blast for physic, good damn

This shock-drummer got his shock treatment by doing the task

@ Raminten. Nyusu putih mulus. Slurrrp.

Masih nyusu, masih mantap

Our vocalist, Tetya, got her chicken as lunch. Not the living one.

  Rubic closed this day. What a great day. See ya!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

14.49. Pikiran Acak, Mood Acak.

Something to tell about, it's about 15 days to go before UAN. Saya siap, semua udah dipelajari, udah mantep, dan tinggal Tuhan yg nentuin jalan gue. Semoga selaras dengan pikiran gue, yaitu masuk SMA 3 Yogyakarta, amin.

Tapi juga ga itu doang, ini juga tentang gue. Jakarta or Jogja, masih dipertimbangkan. Di sini, di Jogja, udah tentram banget. Sayang, gue belum menemukan orang yg bener-bener bisa pas dengan pikiran, kelakuan, & tingkah gue. Dan lo tau? Beberapa orang di sekitar gue banyak yg ga suka dengan gue. Gue tau, man with haters is ordinary, but without them is impossible.

Dan tentang Jakarta, I've already had people I know. Bimbang. Apa gue harus meninggalkan Jogja cuman gara-gara belum ketemu orang yg se-iya sama gue?

It's something to think about. Dan alesan gue nulis ini cukup simple, problem cinta.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Good News from The Santa's Door!

I post this in my room, waiting the announcement of Province Exam Result from Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Yogyakarta (Education Minister of Yogyakarta Province). 
Ah wait, it's been a while. I had got the result yesterday, & I jumped extremely that I knew if I'm the 3rd rank from 40.000 students in Yogyakarta. Happy, yes. I just hope that everything walks smoothly, like this, like something I've been waiting for. Thank God, you're the best, and also this is one of your best gifts.
And if you wanna check Yogyakarta Province Exam Result, please link to pass: media18. Choose the province part.

And now, I'm waiting my sun comes again, that will bring me to the near dreams.

Valentino A. Adinata

Thursday, March 4, 2010

13 February - 4 March. Feels like UAN almost comes

Yep I haven't been blogging from 13 February - 4 March, busy doing many tasks & preparing UAN. Yep, it almost comes, 3 weeks to go..

And for info, at 15 - 19 February I did my first pre-UAN. But hell, it just unexpected, I didn't successed on it. Well, I guess I'm just unlucky, but I'll prove if I'm the number one. And I need your support too guys, pray for me!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Twlight Antithesis

I am not Edward. She is not Bella.
I am not a vampire. She is not a plain Jane.
I sleep at night. She does not obsessively bite her lip when she sees me.
But we're good friends who climb together.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wait, I'm a scorpion!

Arti : Kalajengking

Simbol : Kalajengking

Periode : 24 Oktober – 21 November


Pandai menyimpan rahasia, keras kepala, memiliki pendirian teguh dan cerdas. Serius dan tak banyak bicara bila sedang asyik bekerja. Ia memiliki secamam kekuatan atau kepandaian yang tersimpan. Bila kepandaiannya yang tersimpan ini digunakan, pasti akan membawa sukses gemilang. Mudah naik darah, sensitif dan mudah tersinggung, namun rajin bekerja.


Berwibawa dan agung, meskipun sedikit angkuh, ia tak main-main dalam hal cinta. Dan meski ia seorang pencemburu dan cenderung menguasai kekasihnya, namun ia pandai membuat kekasihnya senang, bahagia dan tentram.

Jodoh yang cocok untuk Scorpio : Capricornus dan Cancer.

Jodoh yang tidak cocok untuk Scorpio : Gemini.


Bila sudah berteman dekat dengan seseorang, ia bisa setia dan mempunyai dedikasi tinggi. Namun sekali saja temannya menyakiti atau melukai hatinya, maka ia akan membalas dendam tanpa ampun.


Rajin bekerja dan penuh tanggung jawab. Ambisi dan semangatnya pun tinggi. Ia juga penuh bakat dan mau bekerja keras.

Pekerjaan yang cocok bagi orang Scorpio :

Dokter Spesialis, Pengarang, Insinyur, Apoteker.


Sangat sukses. Setelah menikah, biasanya rejeki orang Scorpio akan terbuka lebar dan ia akan mendapatkan kesuksesan yang gemilang.


Bagus, Dengan kecerdasan dan kepandaiannya yang tersimpan, ia tak pernah mengalami kesulitan untuk masalah keuangan.


Pendiriannya kukuh, rajin bekerja, tidak mudah terpengaruh dan pantang menyerah. Cintanya pada istri dan anaknya begitu dalam.


Bertanggung jawab, penuh perhatian, pandai mengatur rumah tangga, dan tak suka diperlakukan kasar.


Gairahnya amat besar. Ia memang romantis tetapi paling suka dicumbu oleh pasangannya.


Jujur, berani, teliti dan tidak mudah terpengaruh. Tabah dan tak pernah mengeluh.


Curigaan, pendendam, emosinya meledak-ledak, nekad, bahkan tak segan-segan berkata-kata kasar bila sedang kesal. Selain itu juga serakah dan suka mementingkan diri sendiri. Berteman hanya mencari keuntungan.


Minggu dan Selasa.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's just heavy.

It's not about my weight or something like that. Ini tentang cobaan. Yep, cobaan yg lumayan berat. Emang bener ya kata orang, semakin deket Hari H, semakin berat cobaannya. Dan cobaannya juga sekitar pertemanan, cinta, & keluarga. It seems simple to you, but it's the complex one. Here the magical quotes you should read, they have made me high-spirited again.

"Yes we can" - Barrack Obama

"Patah hati ga berarti patah semangat kan?" - Anggita Retnani

"Kalo kamu dijatuhin, anggep aja kamu lagi terbang. Hidup emang kejam kali." - Ardita Wiratama

"Pain you felt is just temporary. But future that you're gonna reach is eternal" - Farih Satria Rahim

"Don't put your spirit off, we will catch them up" - Anonymous

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh God, 70 days before UAN

Banyak orang mikir kalo UAN itu tujuan final kita di sekolah, ajang balapan buat dapetin skor terbaik, & beberapa orang mengatakan kalo itu adalah neraka.

I don't think so. UAN itu cuman ulangan biasa yg sering kita kerjain, bedanya yg njaga adalah guru dari sekolah lain. Well, itu memang menentukan sekolah kita selanjutnya, tapi itu bukan segalanya. We still have something to do in future, like trying to reach our stars above the sky.

Belajar = kunci mencapai cita-cita & rintangan itu pasti ada, misalnya try out, ulangan, & UAN. Jadi rencana gue adalah Belajar ---> UAN ---> Hasil bagus ---> Masuk Padmanaba ---> Ambil scholarship ke Inggris ---> Masuk fakultas kedokteran.

Semoga Tuhan mengamini. Amin.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I know that's name of a band, but it's just like my condition right now. Hello girl, I love you, but you've already loved someone else, so good bye. Better hear Hellogoodbye - Dear Jamie Sincerely Me....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year 2010

Everyday is always a new day. I never celebrate happy new year, because everything is always new, I think. So why it's called Happy New Year? Because you got 'Happy' when 'New Year' comes. This will be a nice year, a good one. I'm optimism. But it's 2010, so 2 more years before doomsday..